Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic (Root Canal) Therapy


In the past, teeth with diseased nerves have been removed from the mouth. However, through a root canal, most of the diseased tooth can be salvaged. In most cases, the root canal procedure is a simple treatment that involves little to no patient discomfort.

Within the walls of each tooth, a strand of dental pulp – the substance that supplies the tooth with nerves, nutrients, connective tissue and blood vessels – laces downward into the root. If the dental pulp becomes diseased, the pulp dies, leaving infected material which can cause abcesses, often leading to tooth extraction.

Root canal therapy removes the dead and infected pulp and disinfects this space, allowing the pulp space to be sealed.  Afterwards, the tooth will be restored to allow it to function normally.

An Endodontist is a licensed specialist in all phases of diagnosis and healing of root canal disease. Dr. Szeremeta-Browar has been a practicing Endodontist for over 30 years.

Patient Information on Root Canal Therapy